Veterinarian - Jacksonville
10 Doris Avenue East
Jacksonville, NC 28540


3 March 2018

It is my belief that the true example of a veterinary clinic and its employees can be determined not in the way they care for your young, healthy dog, but in the way they care for your aging, feeble dog in his/her final moments. Our story with the Onslow Animal Hospital staff began about 2 years ago, and between our 2 senior dogs we have become familiar faces in their office. Our black lab has been a frequent flyer ever since she decided to overindulge 3 years ago and required an emergency surgery to save her life. It was about 7 months after that incident that we moved to the Jacksonville area and became patients of Dr. Sheegog and Dr. Fuchs. Since then, they have become quite familiar with our fur babies — a 12-year-old black lab and a 13-year-old basset hound. Almost 2 weeks ago now, we discovered, quite unexpectedly, that our basset hound was riddled with tumors and wasn't going to recover. Our hearts were absolutely broken. We had a very hard time coming to terms with the fact that our seemingly healthy dog was suddenly not going to be with us anymore, and that reality was crashing down on us very quickly. We learned of this awful reality on a Friday, and we opted to take our Charlie home with us where he could be comfortable and surrounded by those that loved him. Dr. Sheegog kept in touch with us the entire time — he called us daily to make sure that Charlie was still doing okay, and that we, as a family, were as okay as we could be. On Sunday afternoon, we realized what we had to do, and we made the absolutely heartbreaking decision to euthanize our beloved Charlie. As a pet owner, there is NO harder decision, and it was an agonizing moment for our family; however, Dr. Sheegog and his amazing staff did everything in their power to make it as easy as possible. We were never rushed. We were never misunderstood. We were always viewed as a family grieving the loss of a loved one. On Monday morning, Charlie was able to pass in our arms, feeling loved and safe. My family will never forget the compassion and empathy from the entire staff at Onslow Animal Hospital. They made one of the most difficult moments in our lives as painless as possible, and I will continue to encourage everyone to trust them with the care of your pets.

The Webb Family